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Walk tiger walk!


I edited a new reel. Check it out. Reel


Added more videos on my Animation page. Check out my short film which has the blocking completed and the new Zeke's Pad videos


I added two more videos to the Animation page.


I was interviewed on! Check it out. Basically shared my Jibber Jabber experience...


Just updated the Tips section. More is coming soon. I'm also planning posting some Jibber Jabber tests since it's already on TV in France.


Rest in Peace Ollie Johnston.


I lit and rendered my 11 second club scene. Check it out on my Animation page.


I really enjoy the internet. I've learned so much about a great range of subjects in the past 10 years that I've been exposed to the internet. I was able to make this website because of sites like W3schools, A List Apart and Dynamic Drive. And you know what? I just got a job by using this site! That's a first for me. I'm starting at Bardel on Monday and I'll be the lead for a team of animators on another 3D cartoon TV show. The internet is as great a tool as it is a resource.


Welcome! It's finally done! After 3½ long weeks I finally finished my website. I hope you enjoy it. You know, my heart really goes out to web developers... I had a crazy time with Internet Explorer compatibility. Everytime I had things looking right I'd preview it in IE and something would look wrong. Needless to say, USE FIREFOX! If you don't have Firefox don't worry, things here still work with IE but they may not look as "fancy". If you don't use either of those browsers I have no idea how this is going to look!

Sections of the site will continue to change so keep checking back. The "Tips" section is still incomplete but I will continue to add to it over time.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!